Message from the President of Niigata University

President of Niigata University

In 2017, Niigata University together with Hokkaido University (the latter acting as the representative) received funding for implementing the Inter-University Exchange Project (A platform-building program for collaboration with Russia).

At both the global and the regional levels, Niigata University aims to contribute to the peace and prosperity of humankind through education, research and services to the community drawing on its position of a comprehensive university located on the coast of the Sea of Japan. Our international strategy for achieving these objectives includes the promotion of cooperation and collaboration with the countries of the large region of East Asia and Pacific Rim from the Sea of Japan coast to Russia. Particularly with Russia, we have a quarter-century track record of medical exchanges, sending and hosting large numbers of medical students, medical practitioners, nurses, and graduate students. Developing these projects, we were selected for the 2014 Re-Inventing Japan Project (Russia) and have since been expanding training of world-class medical experts. Furthermore, building on the experience and expertise of Niigata Prefecture in agriculture, we also have experience in the training of highly qualified professionals in food science and agriculture. In view of these achievements, we take pride in the fact that that Hokkaido University and Niigata University’s joint application for the Inter-University Exchange Project was approved.

The aim of this project is to establish a base for the training of specialists who will contribute to the expansion and development of academic collaboration between Japan and Russia in the areas specified in the Eight-point Cooperation Plan (Collaborative Plan for Industrial and Economic Innovation for an Environmentally Friendly Russia with a Higher Quality of Life), which Japan proposed to Russia at the Japan-Russia Summit Meeting in 2016. To achieve this aim, we have been taking specific measures, including the formation of regional consortiums based on industry-government-academia-financial sector collaboration and support for the activities of specialized sections established in line with the above-mentioned cooperation plan. On the other hand, another objective of this project is to create a framework for fostering mutual understanding and friendship between young people who will be future leaders in both countries. Apart from building the platform, this project will allow its member universities in Japan and Russia to collect, share and disseminate information and experience gained by these institutions through their respective educational and research exchange programs, which will in turn facilitate Japan-Russia exchanges at universities across Japan.

The promotion of human resources development through these initiatives requires the cooperation of the partner universities in Japan and Russia as well as companies, local governments and other organizations that have been engaged in exchanges and collaboration between the two countries. With this in mind, I would like to ask everyone involved in this project for active participation and the continuous support.

Niigata University