Site Policy


This Website (, hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) is managed by the Secretariat of the Human Resource Development Platform for Japan-Russia Economic Cooperation and Personnel Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the “HaRP”) which was established at Hokkaido University International Affairs Department for providing information about the HaRP in accordance with the site policy indicated on the Website.

Those who access and use the Website are presumed to have consented to this policy. This policy is subject to change without notice. 


While every effort is made to provide accurate information and to ensure security, the HaRP Secretariat does not guarantee that the contents of the Website will be free of errors. The HaRP Secretariat disclaims any liability for errors and omissions or for any damage that may result from using the Website or its contents. 


Copyright protection applies to all content of the Website, including, but not limited to, documents, materials and images. The Website in its entirety is also protected by compilation copyright, such that any infringement thereof, including, but no limited to, the secondary use of the content of the Website, such as copying, reproduction, diversion and sales, is strictly prohibited. 

Personal Information

Should any personal information be collected through the Website, the intended use of the information shall be clarified and the information shall not be used for other purposes. Subject to prior approval and consent, however, the information may be disclosed if the disclosure is required by law or justified in the public interest. 


Linking to the Website is basically allowed subject to prior notice to the HaRP Secretariat. Note, however, that the content and the URLs on the Website may be changed or suspended without notice.  Furthermore, the HaRP Secretariat assumes no responsibility for any troubles or damages caused by linking.

Linking from the following categories of websites is strictly prohibited:

  • Websites that violate public order, moral and ethical standards.
  • Websites providing information that might violate the existing legislation.
  • Websites that disguise themselves as the HaRP official website and spoofed websites.
  • Websites that post libelous statements about the HaRP’s activities and the individuals involved in them.
  • Other websites with the content contrary to the interest of the HaRP.

For inquiries

If you have any questions, concerns or requests concerning the Website, please contact the HaRP Secretariat.

HaRP Secretariat

Division of International Relations, International Affairs Department, Hokkaido University

TEL: +81-11-706-4413