Cold Lands Seminar “Japanese-Russian collaboration in the North” (deadline: September 14, 2020)

Hokkaido University invites you to participate in the Cold Lands Seminar “Japanese-Russian collaboration in the North”, which is jointly held with North-Eastern Federal University (NEFU) and Hokkaido University for representatives of Japanese and Russian university teachers and students, companies, local and central government bodies as part of the Northern Sustainable Development Forum – 2020 .

The Seminar will consist of an introductory plenary session, discussion in the 4 sections:

1)      The Northern environment

2)      The Northern community

3)      Socio-economic development of the North and the Arctic

4)      Construction technologies and design for cold regions

and the summary plenary session. The event will be held online via Zoom.

In the introductory session, presentations on the recent developments in the Japanese-Russian collaboration on the North and Arctic-related issues will be made, including the launch of ArCS (Arctic Challenge for Sustainability)-II project in Japan led by Hokkaido University. The discussion in 4 sections will allow Japanese and Russian scholars and their partners to exchange information and proposals on prospective joint projects in 2020 and beyond, discuss the topics and formats of future collaboration. In the summary session, the moderators of each section will sum up the results of discussion and the participants will have an opportunity to discuss them to identify prospective collaboration areas, frameworks and steps to future joint projects.

Date and time: 30 September 2020, 14:30-18:00 (Japan time)

Event/activity: Cold Lands Seminar “Japanese-Russian collaboration in the North” (held as part of the Northern Sustainable Development Forum – 2020)

Organizer/co-organizer: North-Eastern Federal University (NEFU), Hokkaido University (HaRP Platform)

Target group: Japanese and Russian university teachers and students, companies, local and central government bodies etc.

Language: English

Program: See the draft program (PDF).(Last Updated:29September 2020)

More information:

Cold Lands Seminar-2019 (URL)

Northern Sustainable Development Forum – 2020 URL

How to register: Follow the link below and fill in the registration form by September 14:

Please note that due to the limited time of this online seminar the participants of the section meetings (section 1-3) will only have 3-5 minutes for a short presentation so that most of the time may be used for discussion. (The time available for presentations will be finally determined depending on the number of speakers.) Presentation materials will be collected from the participants and shared in advance.

If you want to share the materials (the slides and, if you wish, also the videos of your pre-recorded presentations introducing your research, future collaboration proposals etc.) with other participants of the section meeting, register as a participant and upload them via the form above by September 1. The videos may be up to 30 minutes long.

After the seminar, we are planning to upload your materials to the websites of the host and participants’ organizations, and they may also be used as teaching materials by the participants. Let us know if you have any objections.

Should you have any questions, please contact the HaRP Secretariat (Marina LOMAEVA and Tamami YOSHIMOTO).


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