Platform Overview


The platform-building project under the 2017 Inter-University Exchange Project (Russia) requires, in addition to the building of a platform for the sharing of information and experience gained through exchanges between Japanese and Russian universities, the fostering of human resources who can contribute to the implementation of the eight-point cooperation plan (Collaborative Plan for Industrial and Economic Innovation for an Environmentally Friendly Russia with a Higher Quality of Life) Japan proposed to Russia at a May 2016 summit. It also needs the drafting of a specific activity plan for the Association of Institutions of Higher Education of the Russian Federation and Japan whose establishment was agreed to at the Japan-Russia summit meeting held in December 2016.

In line with the eight-point cooperation plan between Japan and Russia, the project proposed jointly by Hokkaido University and Niigata University endeavors to help fundamentally expand and develop bilateral exchanges in eight fields: health and medical care, city development, exchanges between small and medium-sized companies, energy development, promotion of industrial diversification, industrial promotion in the Far East, cooperation in developing advanced technologies, and expansion of people-to-people exchanges. These efforts will be centered around two committees—the Committee for Personnel Exchanges between Japan and Russia, and the Steering Committee for Specialized Sections—with the cooperation of parties including the business community and local governments.

We also aim to advance partnerships with the business community and local governments in terms of exchanges between Japan and Russia in order to establish the Japan-Russia Bilateral Corporation for Professional Education (provisional name) by AY2022 in collaboration with universities in Japan and Russia, local governments and the business community.

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